Graduate Student Spotlight: Elisabeth Arroyo Lopez

As an undergraduate, Elisabeth Arroyo Lopez was unsure of what she wanted to major in but knew that it had to be a field where she could help people.

“I wanted to do something health-related so that I could work with people,” she said. “I found occupational therapy, started doing my research and shadowed as many people that I could — and that helped me realize (OT is) what I wanted to do.”

Now as a West Coast University occupational therapy doctoral student, Arroyo Lopez is excited to start making a difference. Though her journey has been hard, she is thankful for the support of her cohort and the WCU faculty.

“It has been hard, but I had faith in myself and luckily I had so much support from my classmates and professors,” she said. “You build a bond so fast. The professors always have their door open if you have any type of concerns with school or life. They care about your mental health so that you can succeed in the program.”

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