Reza Taheri Named Dean of WCU’s PharmD Program

Dr. Reza Taheri recently was named dean of West Coast University’s Doctorate of Pharmacy program. Dr. Taheri is one of the founding faculty members of the WCU School of Pharmacy and recently served as the interim dean while maintaining his duties and responsibilities as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

“Since his arrival in December of 2011, Dr. Taheri has been instrumental in the achievement of successful regional and programmatic accreditation milestones,” WCU-Center for Graduate Studies Executive Director Ladd Graham said.

Dr. Taheri joined WCU School of Pharmacy as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Instructional Effectiveness in December 2011. In that role, he has led the school’s curriculum design, development, implementation, and assessment.

“As one of the founding members of the university’s Interprofessional Education (IPE) Committee, Dr. Taheri led the inaugural IPE Day initiative which promoted collaboration between students and faculty across multiple disciplines,” WCU Provost Jeb Egbert, said.

Before joining WCU, Dr. Taheri served as faculty, director of experiential education, and chair in the department of pharmacotherapy and outcomes science at Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy. Dr. Taheri also served as faculty at Western University of Health Sciences, was a clinical scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, and was co-director of Lipid Clinic at VA Loma Linda Healthcare system.

“We are very excited about this appointment,” Dr. Egbert said. “Dr. Taheri has been a capable member of the PharmD leadership team from day one, and we anticipate remarkable achievements under his leadership.”

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