Pride Spotlight: Reanna “Ray” Gibbs, WCU-CGS

For Reanna “Ray” Gibbs, pride means standing for who you are and for those who can not stand for themselves.

“I realized after I stepped into who I am, being queer and two-spirited, I found it gave others the space to be them. My story is not just mine as many before me have helped me and those after me, I will be there for them,” Gibbs said. “Pride represents the strides we have made in this community and always paying respects to those who came before us.”

While Gibbs knows it might be challenging for some to understand her identifying as a queer woman of color and two spirits, she is thankful for the diversity and community at the Center of Graduate Studies, which provides her the “environment and space to be myself” as the Academic Support Coordinator for West Coast University’s School of Pharmacy.

“It is OK to be afraid to come out but there are so many in this community that will show you the love you deserve,” Gibbs said. “Remember, how you identify does not change the person you are inside.”

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