Oxford Honors Program Gives West Coast University Students a Great Perspective

The West Coast University Honors Program in Oxford, England recently completed their sixth program with 32 BSN students from several WCU campuses. The Oxford Honors program is an invitation-only international experience for current WCU BSN students who meet the high academic performance standards required of participants.

“The Oxford Honors program is designed to make sure our students and graduates have a greater perspective of the nursing profession in an international setting,” WCU International Education Director Tina Newton said. “The students have a greater understanding of who they are and what they want to do when they graduate.”

Students enrolled in the Honors Program completed an onsite WCU course that examines core concepts of international service, as well as poverty and disparity in a health continuum. As part of the program, students also attended guest lectures at Oxford, participated in cultural excursions in England and visited a hospital setting with National Health Services medical care.

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