WCU-Miami Celebrates 100 Graduates at 2018 Commencement

Friends and family of 100 West Coast University graduates packed the Miramar Cultural Arts Center in Miami on July 7 for the 2018 Summer Commencement ceremony. This is the second graduating class from the WCU-Miami campus.

“I’m am so proud to see all of you sitting in front of me today,” WCU Miami Executive Director Dr. Joshua Padron said. “You are our newest addition to the WCU legacy and I hope that each of you continues your journey of discovery and growth throughout your careers and the rest of your life.”

Keynote speaker Dr. William Ashanti Hobbs III reminded our students that they must always care for themselves before they can care for others.

“As you join the honored profession of nursing and take on the role of caretaker you must always remember to nurse yourself first,” he said. “No matter how many patients you look after or the long hours you spend working, you are going to make an impact on your patients so make it count.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2018! You can view the photos from the event on our Facebook page!

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