Meet the 2021 Spring Valedictorians and Graduate Class Speaker

Osmany Mourin, BSN ’21
Florida/Texas Valedictorian

Osmany Mourin explored various educational tracks and healthcare occupation tracks before pursuing his first bachelor’s in psychology. After working in the hospital as a patient transporter for a short period, he chose to begin his nursing education at West Coast University and has not looked back since. Newly graduated and recently licensed as a registered nurse, Mourin is currently working as a coronavirus vaccination nurse and hopes to begin his career at the bedside later this year. His long-term goals include returning to school to obtain a master’s in education and passing on his experiences and expertise in academia and the healthcare field.


Andy Ta, BSN ’21
California Undergraduate Valedictorian

Inspired by his cousin, who was born prematurely and a NICU baby, and his aunt, who worked as a pediatrics and NICU nurse, Andy Ta saw early on the importance that nursing had on the lives of individuals and their families.

After completing his studies at the University of California-Riverside in 2017, Ta returned to school to pursue his education within the healthcare industry at West Coast University. However, while working on his BSN he also discovered a desire to help others find their inner strength and passion for nursing by working with fellow students and campus leadership through the PALS program and the Student Advisory Council. Ta looks forward to pursuing a career as an OB nurse and — hopefully — a future WCU professor.

Sally Villanueva, MSN ’21, BSN ’14
Graduate Degree Class Speaker

A charter member of the WCU-Ontario Alumni chapter, Sally Villanueva is a compassionate nursing professional with proven skills in providing high-quality nursing care and excellent patient service. Villanueva prides herself on being a focused leader that nurtures and promotes a cohesive team environment and patient-centered workplace. Graduating first from WCU with her BSN in 2014 and again in 2021 with a master’s of nursing-family nurse practitioner, Villanueva believes that she can make the most difference in the world by promoting health and healthy living to every patient she comes into contact with.

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