Los Angeles Volunteer Fair Connects Students with Local Opportunities

West Coast University’s Los Angeles campus hosted its annual volunteer fair to bring local volunteer opportunities to students. The organizations at the event were looking to fill open positions. West Cost University nursing students gain valuable experience during volunteer work and many find a field of practice that they are interested in specializing through these volunteer programs.

Each organization at the volunteer fair presents students with a unique opportunity to make a difference. Maria Lane from Northeast Valley Health Corporation was quick to point out that the volunteer program they offer students is a great way to experience a community healthcare setting. She also noted that their program is designed to give volunteering students a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Janelle Valencia from Lakeview Hospice Care, formerly known as Priority Hospice Care, was looking for students that are able to connect with their patients and offer compassionate care. For them, empathy was at the top of the list when it came to looking for volunteer candidates.

Volunteer positions weren’t limited to patient care either; Terri Hill from Providence Blood Donor Center was looking for volunteers to assist in blood donation, a critical component of health care. She was looking for an outgoing volunteer that was interested in getting others to donate blood.

Students looking to volunteer came prepared with resumes and questions for the organizations. Many of the students at the event are looking to specialize in a particular field and these volunteer opportunities are key in gaining experience before they graduate. For students and organizations alike, the key to a successful fit is much like that of a full-time employment position. Ensuring that the program is in line with the experience that the student is looking for and that the student will work well in the environment of the organization is what makes the best fit.

See highlights from the LA volunteer fair in the video above.

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