IPE Community Event Brings WCU-CGS Grad Students to Kingsley Manor

Students from West Coast University’s Center for Graduate Students volunteered at the Kingsley Manor Los Angeles Retirement Community this March as part of an Inter-Professional Education community event.

The group — consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy and pharmacy graduate students — were joined by medical residents at the facility and met with many members of the senior community living at Kingsley Manor.

“Our students came together representing the professions of physical therapy, occupational therapy and pharmacy demonstrating how students learned the perspective of other professions while helping change society,” WCU physical therapy program director Annie Burke-Doe said.

Valerie Cromwell, a WCU occupational therapy doctorate student, said she facilitated debriefs after the day-long event to see what the group learned and what they enjoyed about the visit.

“I was pleased to hear that several of the students said their favorite part was the opportunity to work with students from separate disciplines,” she said. “All in all, it was a successful event and the residents at Kingsley Manor were thrilled to work with us.”

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