Healthcare Industry Dominates Indeed’s Top 25 “Most In-Demand High-Paying Jobs” List

One of the keys to finding a job is knowing where to look.

This August, ranked the leading U.S. job titles posted by employers on its website and seven of the top 25 positions are in healthcare.

The list is ranked by the number of job postings per 1 million search results on from July 10 to Aug. 10 of this year. All salary information and job descriptions are from, a worldwide employment-related search engine for job listings.


The most in-demand high-paying healthcare jobs on Indeed are:

25. Dental Hygienist

Jobs per 1M: 1,965
Common duties: Dental hygienists examine and clean patients’ teeth
Requirements: Completion of a post-secondary program approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation


20. Physical Therapist

Jobs per 1M: 2,264
Common duties: A physical therapist, or PT, helps an injured or ill person improve their mobility and manage their pain.
Requirements: Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)


19. Licensed Vocational Nurse

Jobs per 1M: 2,284
Common duties: Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) give sick or injured patients basic care under a doctor or registered nurse’s supervision.
Requirements: Nursing program completion and valid state licensure 


16. Registered Nurse – ICU

Jobs per 1M: 2,561
Common duties: ICU nurses provide emergency and trauma-based medical care to patients in the intensive care unit or emergency room.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) and registered nursing state licensure through the NCLEX-RN certification 


13. Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical

Jobs per 1M: 2,835
Common duties: Medical/Surgical nurses treat patients who are sick, require surgery or are recovering from surgery.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) and registered nursing state licensure through the NCLEX-RN certification. Possibly specialized education such as perioperative nurse training. 


8. Dental Assistant

Jobs per 1M: 3,926
Common duties: Dental assistants are healthcare professionals who assist dentists in completing all dental-related tasks, including examining, cleaning and repairing teeth.
Requirements: High school diploma and postsecondary program and/or on-the-job training


1. Registered Nurse

Jobs per 1M: 15,663
Common duties: A registered nurse is a health care professional who assists doctors and other medical professionals with their patient care duties.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and state nursing license 

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