WCU-CGS Celebrates As Third DPT Cohort Starts Clinicals

West Coast University celebrated as 40 physical therapy doctoral students received their white coat at the Friendship Auditorium this March.

The white coat presented to each student signifies the entry into their clinical rotations, the final step before gaining their DPT.

After each student walked the stage on March 7 to receive their white coat, the group took the oath of a physical therapist, which contains the values and obligations of the profession.

“In the presence of my colleagues, friends, families and teachers, and in view of the honored profession I am entering into, I solemnly and willingly state that I dedicate myself to the following. Thus, with this oath, I freely accept the obligations and rewards which will accompany my practice of physical therapy,” the DPT students recited in unison.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Best wishes in your clinical rotations. You can find photos from the event on our Facebook Page.

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