Celebrate Nurses Week 2016

National Nurses Week is May 6-12 and we at West Coast University wanted to take a moment to thank our nursing students, nursing faculty and associates and our community partners. We appreciate all of our nurses and future nurses for helping take care of our community.

Nurses Week 2016 Features

For Nurses Week, we spoke to nursing students, graduates and community partners about why they’ve chosen nursing as their profession.

Check out what they have to say by selecting their names at left.

Nurses Week Features:

“I leave my heart on that floor every day as a student nurse. It’s rewarding.”
WCU-LA BSN Student Shawn Palmer
Read more about Shawn.

“A lot of my professors have inspired me. Seeing what they do, seeing what they’ve done and seeing how much they love nursing, I’m just excited to get into the field.”
WCU-OC BSN graduate Krista Smith
Read more about Krista.

“Healthcare to me is more than just giving immunizations here, and starting IVs there and a paycheck. It’s making impact on lives and being able to help people get better with what I have.”
WCU-Ontario BSN student Amber LoPatriello

“Your students are respectful and willing to jump in…we enjoy having them.”
– Community Hospital of Huntington Park, WCU Clinical Partner

“We love having WCU students here. They help give the care and attention to our patients that sometimes we don’t have time for.”
– Ashley Croslin, Regent’s Point, WCU Clinical Partner

“I enjoy your instructors…especially Professor Kardously…she’s good.”
– John Javier, Villa Elena Healthcare Center, WCU Clinical Partner

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