Ask a recruiter: What do you look for in a resume?

A resume needs to represent who you are.

“If you have spelling errors, typos, grammatical errors, those things don’t exactly sell the best of a person,” Kindred Hospital Rehab Services executive director Mathu Hanson said at a recent West Coast University career fair in Los Angeles. “Having reviewed a lot of resumes, those are the first things I look for when I look at the applicant.”

If a resume is unorganized, hard to read and sloppy, it’s a clear indication the person isn’t serious about working or their attention to detail — something people hiring nurses look for — is lacking.

WCU-Orange County Career Services Director Ann Marie Rivera said each campus has career service specialists that can provide guidance and help to students and new grads in crafting the perfect resume.

“We tell our students how to best highlight their skills and qualifications on the resume and include any healthcare experience whether it is employment or volunteering,” Ann Marie Rivera, WCU-Orange County Career Services director, said. “Career Services meets with students daily to assist them in creating and updating their resumes. We always recommend they visit with us since we know what recruiters are looking for on their resumes.”

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