Academic Achievers Share Tips for Making the Dean’s List

West Coast University Orange County students who made the dean’s list were rewarded with a special reception for their hard work. The dean’s list recognizes students who have achieved a GPA of 3.75 or better in a term and is a welcome distinction for those looking to excel. The most recent term saw over 400 students at the Orange County campus make the dean’s list.

The reception featured refreshments and treats as a break from the student’s day. Also in attendance were campus leaders who congratulated the students and presented them with their award. Students were invited to share what it is that got them on the dean’s list with each other and with us. Take a look at what a few of the students had to say below!

“For me I think it’s getting my priorities straight, doing time management. I just keep myself focused and keep my eyes on the prize that I want to be in nursing, I want to get my license. And it’s a career that I know I have such a passion for.” – Justin De Leon, BSN

“It’s not about motivation, I only do time management. Doing calendar work, putting everything in. When I get the syllabus that’s the first thing I do and then I study all the time, that’s the only thing. And then the reward is getting a good grade.” – Serli Shaverdi, BSDH

“Pretty much staying focused the whole time, keeping a calendar, making sure that I keep my schedules organized. Having a set schedule of study time, break time, just to make sure that I keep myself going so then I don’t stray away from the good study habits.” – Karla Vega, BSN

“I give myself breaks and rewards because you definitely need it, you need to relax.” – Kelsie Vosper, BSDH

“I do the same thing as Kelsie but overall, just time management I guess, and motivating myself from within.” – Bahareh Lajvardi, BSDH

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