2018 Oxford Honors Scholars Share The Most Important Thing to Know About International Education Program

“The one thing I would want people to know about this trip is what a huge impact it had on me. Just walking through the classes and walking through the cobblestone streets, there’s so much history here. I feel like I learned, just absorbed, so much through the classes but also just being here in this setting.”

— Mallory Crockett, WCU-Ontario


“First of all, it’s extremely fun. We’ve been having a really great time and people become very close here, I think. I mean you’re living together for two-and-a-half weeks, and even though that doesn’t sound like a long time, it feels like a long time — and yet it feels like it went by really fast. But we are also doing a lot of work together and we’re learning so much, in such a short period of time, that it kind of feels like we’re going on a journey together and it’s really impactful in that way. I feel like I didn’t necessarily expect that, that it was going to be so impactful as far as like creating a bond with everyone,and I feel like that’s a good thing for people to know, if they come here.”

— Chaya Bruck, WCU-Miami


“If you’re on the fence about going to Oxford or applying, don’t be. Definitely when you get the invitation, do apply. If you get it, great. If you don’t, great. But if you can, I say take that opportunity. It’s worth it.”

— Mina Wang, WCU-Orange County


“The one thing I heard a lot when I was back at school was everyone was talking about, ‘Oh did you get the invitation to apply to Oxford?’ And I said ‘Yeah, I’m going to apply’ and then they’d be like ‘Oh? You really want to get held back a term?’ I would say go for it. Don’t worry about that because even though you are getting held back a term, it is just nine weeks. We are in an accelerated program and I think what this does for you is so much bigger. You do so much in these nine weeks that really opens your mind up to new possibilities for you. So I would say definitely go for it, because you would regret it more I think it you (never tried to apply).”

— Jordan Kunkel, WCU-Los Angeles


“If you do get the opportunity to come to this trip, take it. Take it, take it, take it. Don’t think twice. Don’t think about getting held back a cohort. Don’t think about the stress or the anxiety that you will feel with public speaking, because three weeks before if you asked me to (be interviewed), I would say no, but this program has helped me become more confident and it’s given me a lot of personal growth. I think that if you have the opportunity to come here, please take it.”

— Tiffany Wang, WCU-LA


“Yes it’s an intense course load but it definitely helps you to be a better public speaker, which is really important because as nurses we’re going to be talking with people we don’t know every single day. It’s going be a lot of fun and definitely an eye-opening experience.”

— Paul Kim, WCU-OC


“If you have ever felt that you doubted your skills or doubted yourself or anything where you don’t believe that you have the capabilities, that’s why you really should do it, because everyone has that capability whether or not you believe it so, because someone’s going to believe in you — whether it’s your family, whether it’s an instructor you knew who made an impact. You have the capabilities to do so.”

— Christine Marza, WCU-LA


“I can’t say do the best you can, because only you know your limit. If you have to push yourself, push yourself, because in the end the only thing benefiting from this program — or anything — is you and you know how far you can go. And if you know how far you can go, West Coast can push you even further to get you there as well.”

— Juanita Avila, WCU-Ontario

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