WCU-Dallas Commencement Honors ‘Future of Health Care’

More than 75 new nurses celebrated their graduation at the West Coast University-Dallas commencement this November.

“We’re here to recognize the next group of bachelor of science students from the College of Nursing at West Coast University, who are the future of health care,” WCU Dean of Nursing Robyn Nelson said. “They are the ones that are going to be making the decisions for their community in terms of health and we want them to be proud but they need to be compassionate, confident and competent in what they do.”

WCU-Dallas graduate Lindsay Langford said her whole family had turned out for the event. Langford received her nursing pin earlier in the year and was already working as a registered nurse at hospital. She said it was great to see her old classmates at the commencement ceremony, but added that she’s still in touch with many of them because they work together.

“A lot of us are working within the same hospital so it’s pretty cool to see that person on the floor and say, ‘Hey! We’re not in class anymore, we’re not studying and we’re actually caring for patients.’ So I’m super excited for today and I’m ready to walk across that stage,” she said.

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