Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing Degree Program

Hands on experience and individualized support

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Nursing Degree Program

Advanced nursing degrees are in demand—and West Coast University offers focused curriculum, advanced simulation technology, and an impressive range of clinical partners to help you prepare for the opportunities ahead.

At WCU, you can build the critical nursing skills that are in demand today. We offer personalized attention in small classes and provide you hands-on training with advanced simulation technology.

And while some universities offer one site for clinical rotations, WCU maintains an enviable roster of partners to help match you with the right placement to build both skills and confidence.

Hands-on Nursing Degree

WCU partners with healthcare facilities throughout the region, so students have opportunities to build real world confidence in a dynamic and challenging environment. It’s just part of West Coast University’s active network of over 300 hospital and clinical partners nationwide.

Advanced Nursing Simulation Center

WCU’s nursing degree program integrates simulation-based education into our curriculum, blending modern technology with hands-on classroom instruction.

Our technologically advanced Simulation Centers provide immersive experiences ranging from unique crisis situations to routine events.  It’s just part of an integrated curriculum designed to help you learn the “nursing process” and enhance both confidence and critical thinking skills.

Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program can empower you with knowledge and experience.