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Stress Management

WCU Student Resources

Help for stress management

Causes of stress

General information about managing and coping with stress

Stress management strategies

  • Assert Yourself – Self-help modules designed to help you reduce stress, depression, and anxiety by improving your assertiveness. (Centre for Clinical Interventions)
  • Put Off Procrastinating – Work your way through a self-help series on how to stop procrastination problems. (Centre for Clinical Interventions)
  • Download Meditations – Download or stream a dozen free meditation recordings to help you cope with life's inevitable hurdles. Comes with handouts. (Sitting Together)
  • Exercise Fuels the Brain's Stress Buffers – Explains how regular exercise helps reduce and manage stress levels. (American Psychological Association)
  • Authors: Melinda Smith, M.A. and Robert Segal, M.A. Last updated: February 2015.