West Coast University International Education Program Expanding to South Korea

South Korean Nursing Exchange Students to Spend 10 Weeks at West Coast University and Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

West Coast University and CHA University in South Korea are working together to help educate the nurses of tomorrow through a new international exchange program.

On April 2, five students from CHA begin their orientation for a 10-week course of instruction and simulation education experience at West Coast University-Los Angeles. Students will also gain hands-on experience at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center as they learn about nursing within the context of the American health system.

Additionally, West Coast University is investigating the potential to send several nursing students to CHA University facilities in South Korea as part of next year’s Global Public Health program.
In preparation for a future West Coast University student exchange, Dr. Jeb Egbert, Provost, and Dr. Robyn Nelson, Dean of Nursing, will accompany International Education Director Tina Newton for an exploratory site visit to CHA University in April. The team will visit hospitals, classrooms and CHA University’s dormitories where West Coast University students will stay while studying and living in South Korea.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to create a broad partnership that may enrich several academic programs at West Coast University in addition to the flagship Global Public Health Program in International Education,” Newton said. “There may be more potential collaboration that we’ll discover on this trip and that’s always very exciting. The Korean healthcare and educational systems have so much value to offer for student learning.”

The location of the WCU Global Public Health Program changes each term. Previous locations included Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and Argentina.

International Education Director Tina Newton is seen in her office.

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