WCU-Texas Student Spotlight: Ebony Bell

From serving in the U.S. Air Force to working as a dialysis technician at the Veterans Affairs Hospital, Ebony Bell’s career path has always gravitated toward helping others 

Now in her third semester as a BSN student at West Coast University-Texas, Ebony traces the roots of her desire to be a nurse back to childhood. 

“All my life I’ve been in a caretaker role, I’ve always been a person that likes to help people,” she said. “My mom, she has a few illnesses that I’ve assisted her in and helped her with throughout my life, so it’s just a natural thing for me.” 

Originally from Philadelphia, Ebony made her way to the WCU-Texas campus by following her intuition, as well as the footsteps of her best friend, a WCU BSN alum.  

“I was applying to nursing schools out east, and I did get accepted to some, but something just told me to apply here,” she said. “So, it just felt right.”  

Ebony started her journey at WCU taking classes online due to the pandemic but recently began her first semester of in-person instruction. As a hands-on learner, Ebony said she was looking forward to exploring the new Richardson campus and experiencing scenarios in the Simulation Lab. 

While she is still settling into her life as a new Texas resident in the city of Forney, Bell said she is relieved to finally attend class in person at the new WCU campus in nearby Richardson and collaborate with other students.  

“Earlier on in my education, I liked to be a lone wolf, but I learned that that’s not the best thing. It is good to bounce information off each other,” she said. “I’m excited for the future.” 

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