WCU Spotlight: Victor Valley Global Medical Center

Located in Victorville, Victor Valley Global Medical Center is a 101-bed acute care facility that’s served the High Desert area of California since 1967.

Victor Valley Global Medical Center HR coordinator Michelle Barta attended the Winter Wonderland Student Employment Resource Fair at West Coast University-Ontario this December and took time to answer a few of our questions.

Barta said she had attended several career fairs on campus and enjoyed how her hospital’s relationship with WCU “had blossomed” in 2016.

“We have hired multiple new RN grads from West Coast Ontario and we’re looking forward to 2017,” she said.

Tell us about the new grad program at Victor Valley Global Medical Center

You will have a preceptor with you anywhere from six to 12 weeks. You will be precepting with someone, you will have the opportunity to learn, to get experience. After six months in one department you can transfer out to another department. Every department is different. Our ED, our ICU, our (medical-surgical). So say you start off in med-surg and then you want some ICU experience, they would be able to transfer into that department and orientate on the floor and get a bit more experience.

What’s a good way to get your foot in the door?

We always hold recruiting events at our facility. Be prepared, dress professional, have your resume all outlined, know exactly what you are looking for. That will give you the opportunity to talk to each and every director that’s in all of our departments there at our facility. Make a list of questions that you have. They’re there to answer all your questions.

What’s the best advice you can give a new grad?

The best thing to do is do your research before you come, really find out what your core of learning is for each department, what you would like to go into. The more detailed that you can be on your resume, the better. Put your personal touch on it. I know our directors look for anything personalized, what your core values are in your career coming up, your new career that you are starting. Anything that you can elaborate on in your resume — that is going be the first thing that the director looks at. That’s going to tell the director, “This is the kind of person I would like to interview. This is the kind of person I would like to hire at our facility.”

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