WCU Ontario Hosts a Cool Party at Summertime Student Appreciation Day

While West Coast University always tries to find cool ways to show its appreciation to students, WCU Ontario may have taken it to another level.

To kick off the start of the summer term, WCU-Ontario students were treated to fresh, handcrafted ice cream from “A La Minute” that included a little hands-on chemistry demonstration. WCU-Ontario Student Services Coordinator Roxanne Mendoza said the Student Services team always looks forward to hosting student appreciation events every term to express their appreciation for all the students’ hard work and dedication.

“This delicious ice cream is created with fresh local ingredients and 100 percent organic dairy products. The added liquid nitrogen puts on a great presentation along with cooling down the crowd,” Mendoza said.

Students were invited to enjoy the ice cream while completing a survey inquiring about future events, clubs and possible interest in a carpool program. Mendoza added that more than 200 students attended the event and more than a few faculty members, university staff, deans and directors happened to stop by as well.

“Just another successful student appreciation day here at WCU Ontario,” Mendoza said.

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