WCU-Ontario Alum Enjoys ‘Breaking Boundaries’ with Nursing Career

At first, Kyle B. said he decided to pursue nursing to become financially stable and offer his family a better lifestyle. However, he soon found a deeper reason for the role.

“I felt more meaning to have a noble career,” Kyle said. “I want to be able to save people and be someone’s hero. If there’s any way that I can make an impact on someone’s life I would do it in a heartbeat.”

Kyle began his nursing program at West Coast University-Ontario in 2018. After experiencing a community college environment, he said he appreciated the experience WCU offered him.

“Previously I went to a community college in between schools and seeing how I would have to find my own classes and compete with other students, attending West Coast was easier,” he said. “Being year-round in accelerated school made everything faster.”

During his time at WCU, he was part of both the Student Veteran Organization and Student Nurse Association. Kyle also participated in the American Association of Nursing’s Men in Nursing Convention. As a board member, he attended all the meetings and ran their social media accounts. He said he is inspired to show other young men that they have a place in the nursing industry.

“I love being able to break boundaries and show that this career isn’t just made for the female generation,” he said. “Especially being a minority in this field, I like to show the younger generations that males can do it.”

The event was held at Pasadena City College and welcomed different elementary and middle school students to the field of nursing. Kyle said he was able to teach them how to perform resuscitations.

“Everyone was really involved and active,” Kyle said. “We got to show them that there is a lifesaving aspect to nursing.”

At the end of Kyle’s time at WCU, he said he took advantage of the career services when preparing for his first interview and perfecting his resume. Kyle currently acts as a Definitive Observation Unit (DOU) float nurse working in the intensive care unit, gastrointestinal laboratory, and emergency room, operating wherever needed.

“I’m getting more well-rounded after just one year of being out of school,” he said. “I like to make an impact on people, so I wanted to get out of the hospital to reach a larger community.”

As a WCU alum, Kyle calls himself #WCUProud.

“#WCUproud makes me feel like I am part of something bigger than just the school,” Kyle said. “There’s the LA, Orange County, Texas and Miami campuses. It makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger.”

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