WCU-Orange County Combats Stereotypes with Annual Men in Nursing Event

West Coast University-Orange County held an event this July to combat common misconceptions of men in nursing. There was a special focus on military veterans and recruiters from the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force present.

WCU-Orange County Career Services donated 100 bags filled with lip balm, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste and sunscreen to the Long Beach VA for homeless veterans.

During the event, WCU students had the opportunity to explore the vast amount of career paths available with a degree in nursing and see the need for male nurses in the workplace.

Keynote speaker and Garden Grove Hospital Medical Center Chief Nursing Officer Mario Savric shared his career path into nursing and gave students advice on how to be the most successful in their future nursing careers.

“The more that we, as hospital administrators, get out and talk to students, the better off the future of healthcare will be,” Savric said.

The day concluded with a question-and-answer panel of male WCU alumni answering any questions the students might have. Men often face prejudice as nurses simply because of their gender, WCU alumni Justin De Leon told the crowd, and often are seen as being less compassionate than their female counterparts.

“We’re told to be hard, cold men but the best thing to do is to kill them with kindness,” De Leon, BSN ’16 said. “I always try to be kind, positive and have energy. Managers and patients can see that confidence and really appreciate it.”

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