WCU-Miami Partner With Doral Health to Provide Healthcare Services to Local Community

More than 100 Miami community member received free healthcare services on June 23 from West Coast University-Miami students in partnership with Doral Pro-Health. Local doctors were on standby to speak with patients about their health concerns and offer medical advice while students screened patients for their vital signs, blood glucose levels, and lipids.

“The students are excited to get out there and volunteer for their community,” WCU-Miami Simulation Center Coordinator Christian Honig said. “Every quarter we get over 100 patients and the students are always ready to lend their skills. It’s been a great success for the past seven years.”

For the past seven years, WCU and Doral Pro-Health have teamed up to provide free healthcare services every term with the help of student volunteers.

“This event allowed Doral Pro-Health and West Coast University the opportunity to support our local South Florida communities while providing our students the chance to make a difference in people’s lives.” WCU Executive Director Joshua Padron said.

Thank you to Doral Pro-Health for their continued partnership and to everyone who helped make the event so successful.

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