WCU-Dallas Student Spotlight: Evon Oldham

Going back to school is not always easy, especially after children and a husband in the military but after her husband retired from service, Evon Oldham made the decision to enroll at West Coast University.

Shortly after high school, Oldham received her medical assistant certification and phlebotomy license. Over the years she tried to continue her education but life took a different turn. Oldham’s youngest daughter became ill and was diagnosed with chronic complex medical issues that took up all of her time to manage.

Oldham began classes at WCU-Dallas in April 2016, her first time back to school in 12 years. She struggled through her first class barely getting by with a passing grade but with the help of her professors, she became a stronger student.

“With the disciplined teaching and assistance from the educators here at West Coast my grades became better, even with all the hospital stays and round the clock care of my daughter,” Oldham said. “I have pushed myself during the nursing core program and will be finishing up with all A’s this past term.”

Oldham now serves as a student ambassador, speaking at new student orientation to give advice about time management, study skills and all the advantages WCU has to offer. She also volunteers her time at the pinning ceremonies for the Dallas campus.

Though her journey was tough, Oldham has no regrets about her decision to go back to school and looks forward to her pinning ceremony in April 2019.

“Overall the decision to go back to school to be an RN has been the most difficult, challenging and rewarding choice I’ve ever made in my life,” Oldham said. “The sleepless nights, lost time with family and the stress of exams is all worth it when you’re in clinicals and the family of your patient thanks you for caring for their loved one or when the father of the newborn you just delivered hugs you in excitement, those moments are priceless.”

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