WCU-Dallas BSN Grad Finds Calling Following Car Crash

Rumi A. has always had a passion for helping others but she was unsure how best to make a difference. After a car accident left her critically injured, she found her calling in nursing.

“All I remember was the great nursing staff taking care of me throughout my recovery. That’s when I knew I wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life and nursing was the route to take,” Rumi said. “The passion and care that my nurses gave me during my recovery truly inspired me to be the best nurse I can be today.”

After her experience, Rumi discovered the accelerated BSN program at West Coast University-Dallas. She was thankful for the amount of support she received from WCU during her journey. The resources offered helped her feel prepared for a nursing career.

“We would be given resources, times for tutors, or you could email the student center and say you were struggling with a class, and they would reach out to students who would help,” she said.

The mix of clinical and simulation lab experiences also helped her apply textbook knowledge to real-life experiences. 

“You have other factors that sometimes you don’t read about in a textbook, but you have to learn to tackle them,” she said. “They would have an instructor playing the mannequin and another classmate standing there as the family member.”

Rumi was also grateful for the Career Services team at WCU. They would reach out with information from recruiters at different hospitals, which helped Rumi get a job in the surgical intensive care unit. 

“I saw myself growing up to be an ER nurse,” Rumi said. “We get a lot of post-operation, mainly transplants and post-transplants. We also have lots of other gastrointestinal surgeries. It’s a mix of everything.”

Rumi graduated in 2018 and became the first healthcare professional in her family, which was a proud moment for her parents.

“My dad was over the moon. He always pictured one of his daughters being in the medical field,” Rumi said. “I had to make a perfect copy of my West Coast diploma, and he has it right where he sees it every morning.”

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