WCU-Center for Graduate Studies Celebrates Masters in Health Administration and Nursing Graduates

West Coast University Center for Graduate Studies celebrated the hooding ceremony for recent graduates of the Masters of Health Administration and Masters of Science, Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner program on April 1.

Master of Health Administration

Ranjelo Alora
Tadeh Danielian
Gisele Gauthier
Osagioduwa Igbinake
Phuong Nguyen
Telma Sarkisloo
Jennifer St. Germain
Kimberly Stills
Francis Villaruz
Emily Wind

Master of Science, Nursing-FNP

Justin M. Allen
Erin Hancock
Riffat Khan
Adrienne Marsh
Mary Rownaghi
Thomas Walker
Jinah Choi

Six graduates in MSN-FNP each received a ceremonial hood and their advanced degree.

“I think all of our graduates will agree that they’ve learned how to be a leader in their field and they will be changing healthcare for the better,” Dr. Barbara (Bobbi) Lincoln, Assistant Dean, Post-Licensure Programs for WCU College of Nursing said. “It’s graduates like ours who can truly make a difference as they venture out into their new careers.”

Several students in the MSN-FNP program were ecstatic about completing their program and putting it to great use in their community.

“WCU provided me with a great education in healthcare and I can’t wait to use my education to serve my community by working in primary care,” Justin Allen, MSN-FNP graduate shared.

Another MSN-FNP graduate, Erin Hancock, will be practicing in Whittier where she enjoys taking care of patients across their lifespan. “What I loved most about the program at West Coast University was being able to learn at my own pace and also be available for my family and career,” Hancock shared.

Nine MHA graduates received their hoods and degrees at the ceremony after a year of research and collaboration.

“I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned in the West Coast MHA Program and apply it to my current job,” MHA graduate Francis Villaruz said.” I learned a lot about how to lead a healthcare organization and I hope to work into a managerial position in the future.”

“Our MHA students did a fantastic job on their research papers and worked collaboratively with other professions during their education,” Dr. Justin Ako, DC, BSBA, Chair, WCU Master of Health Administration Program said. “One of our students also took advantage of global public health program in Panama.”

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