WCU Global Public Health Program Travels to Panama

“This experience has really made me love public health and the way that communities are affected by it.” Christina Lindsay

“Public health nursing allows for so much teaching, which is so important because the more people understand, the more willing they will be to participate in healthy regimens.” Delaney Castle

Christina Lindsay (left), University Panama student (center) and Delaney Castle (right).

“I feel so honored to be on this journey and to have a stake in the work here. The people, students, and children are all facing obstacles that must at times seem insurmountable, but they seem to be drawing from a bottomless reservoir of hope.” Angel Caleb

“I am forever changed for having this experience.” Zachary Johnson

“When we went with the nurses on the home visits, it is impossible not to see how caring and welcoming the community was towards the nurse. The nurses knew each and every one of the members that lived in the community and knew how important it was for them to be out there and to form a trusting relationship.” Tiffany Cao

“The Public Health Trip was truly a life changing experience that I will always remember.” Justin Buchert

Zachary Johnson (left), Panama nurse, Tiffany Cao (middle right) and Justin Buchert (right).

“This experience taught me to welcome and seek challenges in life because those challenges will help me grow and improve professionally.” Melissa Arjon

Studying abroad in Panama has definitely been the highlight of my educational career here at West Coast University. This experience has allowed me to connect and interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, build new friendships, see things I have not seen in the U.S., and experience nursing at a global level.” Elizabeth Crisostomo

“Being able to do this with nursing students was amazing and it was the true definition of global health.” Nicole Lamp

“My favorite experience from my time in Panama was getting to go to a small community and walk up and down the streets doing home visits. It opened my eyes to how some people lived in the country and also how important public health is there. … These people allowed us to give them vaccines in their homes which was also great practice and allowed us to perform that task in a new setting.” Christin Brillinger

Elizabeth Crisostomo (left), Nicole Lamp (center), and Christin Brillinger (right).

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