Technology in Nursing Education: Revolutionizing How Healthcare Professionals are Trained

Technology in Nursing Education

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field that requires a forward-thinking approach. Today, the integration of technology in nursing education is revolutionizing the way nurses are trained.

West Coast University is dedicated to exploring the ways that technology can enhance the learning experience. WCU’s Innovation Lab seeks out the best available study tools to help provide our students with a quality education — all backed by data.

Nursing students at WCU have the opportunity to put their classroom knowledge into practice in our immersive simulation labs. Technology in nursing education transforms the way nurses learn and gain hands-on experience.

Read on to learn more about how WCU’s innovative approach helps ensure that graduates are prepared to excel in their future roles.

Anatomy Lessons Using VR Headsets

Microsoft HoloLens 2 headsets offer an immersive learning experience. This augmented reality (AR) device lets students visualize and manipulate individual organs and body parts, enhancing their understanding of anatomical structures and their functions.

AI-Powered Digital Patients: Realistic Clinical Practice

WCU students can benefit from practicing patient interactions with PCS Spark’s digital patients. These AI driven virtual care-seekers come with their own health histories, concerns, and vital signs, and can comprehend over 30,000 questions. Students can practice their interview and examination skills in a realistic yet risk-free environment, preparing them for real-life patient encounters.

Medical Terminology Game: Learning Through Play

To make learning medical terminology more engaging, WCU created the Medibytes mobile game. This game helps students understand roots, suffixes, and prefixes, making it easier to grasp medical vocabulary. By transforming study sessions into an interactive experience, Medibytes promotes better retention and understanding of medical terms.

Binge-Worthy Original Shows

WCU artfully combines education and entertainment in its professionally-filmed original shows.
The nursing-focused series are incorporated into the course curriculum, giving students a behind-the-scenes look at what life is really like for nurses at all stages of their careers. From interactive dramas to investigative stories, WCU’s binge-worthy shows touch on the challenges that nurses face on and off the job. Watch the trailer for “Hannah” here.

Alexa-Powered Study Guides: Personalized Learning on the Go

In partnership with Blast Learning, WCU offers Alexa-powered study sessions tailored to each student’s needs. This AI-driven tool customizes study materials, ensuring that students focus on areas requiring the most attention. Alexa gives students a hands-free study option, making it convenient to learn anywhere and anytime.

High-Fidelity Manikins

WCU’s nursing simulation labs feature high-fidelity manikins that can simulate a wide range of medical scenarios. These anatomically correct patient simulators can sneeze, cough, bleed, have seizures, exhibit rising blood pressures, and even give birth. The manikins help prepare students for various fields including medical and surgical units, pediatrics, maternity/OB, and mental health.

Additional Healthcare Training Technology at WCU

Virtual Dissection Tables: Exploring Human Anatomy Up Close

The Anatomage tables at WCU use high-resolution images of real cadaveric tissue, providing a detailed and interactive way to study human anatomy. These virtual dissection tables allow students to explore medical histories and identify signs of disease on the body, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Virtual Pharmacy for Hands-On Experience

Students at the WCU School of Pharmacy can practice filling prescriptions, locating drugs, and recognizing both generic and brand names in the virtual pharmacy. They can also hone their skills in answering patient questions about medications, helping students gain confidence in their pharmaceutical knowledge and customer service skills.

Gain Access to Innovative Nursing Technology at WCU

WCU is committed to incorporating technology into nursing education, helping ensure that students are not only well-versed in the latest medical knowledge but also confident in using tools that will shape the future of healthcare. Learn more about WCU’s healthcare and nursing programs, and get in touch with an admissions advisor for more information

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