Support, Perseverance, Success: Emma T’s MPA Journey

As an undergraduate, Emma T. was uncertain about the trajectory of her degree. Although she had ruled out medical school, she still grappled with a multitude of paths within the healthcare field to consider.

It was during this time that Emma’s mother introduced her to the idea of becoming a physician assistant. The appeal of working collaboratively in a team while still having autonomy in decision-making struck a chord with Emma, prompting her to pursue this potential career path.

After learning that WCU had launched a new MPA program near where she lives, Emma decided to apply. Despite initial rejection, Emma persisted, gaining two years of experience as a medical and nursing assistant before successfully applying for a second time to the WCU-Texas MPA program.

When asked about her determination, Emma explained, “I didn’t want to do anything else. For some reason, I kept feeling called and pushed to this profession.”

Currently halfway through the program, Emma is not only progressing but thriving. Her success is evident as she has been elected president of the Physician Assistant Student Society. In this capacity, she actively participates in volunteer work with her peers, showcasing her dedication to improving the program and contributing to the community.

Emma acknowledges that the journey was not without its challenges but credits her supportive cohort for keeping her motivated.

“During those tough moments, my classmates help me get through it,” she affirmed.

It was through experiences like these that Emma realized the collaborative spirit within her cohort mirrors the teamwork inherent in the profession.

Offering advice to future MPA students, Emma emphasized the significance of hard work and gaining diverse experiences. She recognizes that each encounter contributes to the journey and development of a well-rounded healthcare professional.

Emma said she can’t wait to start her clinical year, knowing that she will be able to help people at the end of it.

“I’m really excited to get out there in the real world, see patients, and put everything we know to the test,” she expressed. 

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