Pride Student Spotlight: Brittany Garcia, WCU-Ontario

As a child, Brittany Garcia always felt she was “different.”

“I was such a tomboy, and I was always questioned why I don’t wear more ‘girly clothes,’” the West Coast University-Ontario student said. “I finally figured out who I was in high school, but I was too scared to come out.”

Now openly Lesbian, Brittany says Pride is about being yourself and “being proud of who you are.”

“I officially came out in 2016 on National Coming Out Day! Ever since then I’ve been living my life the way I want — out and proud,” she shared. “I’m so glad my family and friends support me and love me for who I am.”

Unfortunately, Brittany knows that not everyone has friends or family as supportive as hers. For those, her advice is to find allies and a safe space.

“Talk to an LGBTQ+ support group. They can help you navigate the struggles that you’re facing,” she said. “I guarantee that there are many people who are going through the same struggles.”

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