Pride Spotlight: Sherri Moore, WCU-OC

For Sherri Moore, Pride Month is more than a party.

“Pride Month is a celebration of the fulfillment that comes with being able to be self-conscious about you and what you stand for,” Moore said. “It’s an awareness that makes one proud, with a feeling of self-worth and self-esteem. It means being able to be unapologetically, authentically you.”

As a wife, a mother, and educator and “out” for over 15 years, Moore is “very proud of who I am” and appreciates the support her loved ones have given her “every step of the way.” For people who are struggling with their identify, Moore’s advice is “to not settle into what society tells them.”

“Learn who you are, for you, and then find your way to be comfortable with who you are,” she said. “Once you have your own individual comfort, be bold, be proud and be-you-tiful!

As the campus academic dean at West Coast University-Orange County, Moore’s ideal view of an inclusive environment is where “no one has to stand out for being different.”

“It is an environment where everyone feels as if they belong, and no one has to fear being themselves. When an environment is inclusive, innovation is able to soar to much higher levels,” she said. “I want associates to know that their journey is theirs alone. No one can identify for you, and you have the right to be a part of an inclusive environment. Be secure with who you are and take the time you need to establish that comfort for you.”

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