CHA University Gives Warm Welcome to GPH Korea 2017

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Trip Date: July 7-22, 2017

Faculty Coordinator: Afsaneh Helali, WCU-Orange County

Nursing Ambassadors: Donna Bigani, CHOC; Erik Zurko, CHOC

WCU staff::
Bethany Thrasher – Faculty Manager, International Education
Vivian Gamblian – University Director of Simulation Education

Student Participants:

Ariel Casco
Sydney Staidl
Lindsay Nord

WCU-Orange County
Amanda Arreola
Marina Montanes Pardo
Johanna Luna
Duy Bui

WCU-Los Angeles
Maria Lasat
Dagoberto Garcia IV
Leyla Abbassali
Olivia Sierra
David Kim
Ga Yun Park

Sandra Barreto
Miguel Delaflor

West Coast University students from four campuses joined together to participate in the Global Public Health program in Seoul, Korea.

Led by WCU international education manager Bethany Thrasher, the 20-nurse group visited several healthcare sites of WCU clinical partner CHA University while in South Korea, in addition to some cultural exchange outings.

During the two-week-long visit, three students — Amanda Arreola, Sydney Staidl and Marina Montanes Pardo — served as WCU communications ambassadors and documented the trip through photos.

The WCU cohort was greeted at the airport by a group of CHA students, who accompanied the BSN students throughout the trip. The two groups exchanged their thoughts on nursing skills, healthcare styles and the different cultures.

“We’ve never felt more welcomed than when we arrived at the airport in Korea and saw the CHA University students waiting for us,” Staidl said.

Trip highlights included:

Bonding at the airport as the group got ready to embark on an amazing journey.

Exploring some of the small cities of South Korea on the first day.

Sitting with the CHA University students on a rainy Monday during group orientation, and going over theory lecture and preparation for simulation.

Visiting the AnYang Mental Health Center and learning about what the center has to offer for the people of South Korea.

Visiting the CHA Bio Complex where they are working on breakthrough stem cell research.

Touring the CHA Woman’s Hospital.

Providing health education tips to more than 100 students and staff members of the Community Teaching Project at Deosko High School.

Wearing restrictive clothing at the elderly simulation center to better understand the physical restrictions that the elderly population faces.

Dying scarves using native plants at The National Folk Museum of Korea.

Enjoying a farewell dinner at the Seoul Tower.

Receiving their certificate of completion and pins for successfully completing the Global Public Health program and becoming Global Public Health Scholars.

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