Dr. Jennifer Arnold Delivers Inspirational Message to WCU-Dallas Partners and Alumni

West Coast University in partnership with Contemporary Forums hosted renowned pediatric neonatoligist Dr. Jennifer Arnold at the Dallas campus in October for an evening of fun and learning with clinical partners and alumni.

More than 50 guests enjoyed a mixer and book signing by Dr. Arnold with her husband, Bill Klein, and a presentation from Dr. Arnold about “Life is Short, Think Big.”

“I am thrilled to be involved with Contemporary Forums. I guess maybe I’m considered faculty now after four years — that’s exciting. I mean I’ve had so much opportunity to grow as an educator in speaking at Contemporary Forums,” Arnold said. “I’m thrilled at the invitation and I’ve gotten to see so many great colleagues and new friends through my work here.”

This was the first time Dr. Arnold had the opportunity to tour West Coast University’s 10,000-square-foot Simulation Center, and she was incredibly impressed with what she saw.

“I’m slightly jealous of the fantastic facility that you have but I learned they are doing amazing work — taking care of patients, teaching nurses how to become amazing health care providers,” she said.

WCU-Dallas Simulation Lab manager Vivian Gamblian led the simulation tour with Dr. Arnold and Klein, along with support from WCU faculty and associates.

“I can tell this is a great academic institution with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for healthcare which is near and dear to my heart,” Arnold said after the evening’s events. “I am really now dedicating the majority of my career towards healthcare simulation and I think it’s such a valuable educational tool.”

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