Dallas Alumni Co-President Enjoys Giving Back to WCU Student Community

As the co-president of the West Coast University Alumni chapter in Dallas/Fort Worth, Erin Choe is proud to be a part of the nursing profession and support nursing’s next generation.

“If I could give one word of advice to WCU students, it would be perseverance,” Choe said. “I always wanted to be a nurse and it took me a long time to build up my courage to attend nursing school because I was afraid of failure — but at the end I did it.”

Now a nurse at a Dallas elementary school, Choe ignored the advice she received from a high school guidance counselor years ago and pursued her dreams of working in healthcare. Determined to prove her doubters wrong, Choe jumped into nursing school with both feet and said the support she received from instructors and fellow students was instrumental in her success at WCU.

“My professors were more like mentors than teachers. They would spend extra time with me to make sure I understand the concept, and they were there to listen to help you through your personal problems so that you can succeed at school,” Choe said. “That with my classmates, and the teamwork we had, there was no way I would fail.”

We asked Erin what she thought was the most important lesson she learned while at nursing school:

“Besides the technical knowledge and nursing skills, the most important thing I learned was the art of communication. How you say things, such as tone, language and attitude, and what you say to a patient is the key to doing your job.”

What message would you like to share with current nursing students?

With everything happening right now around the world it can seem scary to be a nurse but have confidence in yourself and know that the knowledge and skills you gain from WCU will help guide you. Always know that the WCU Alumni group is here to support you in a time of need. Future nurses: You got this!

Do you think it’s important for WCU alumni to stay involved with their alma mater?

Yes, because no matter where you go, you can’t do it all on your own. When you need help or support, having the knowledge that the alumni will be there to support you is an awesome feeling. I have attended many different universities and there is no alumni support group like the one at WCU.

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