BSDH Graduate Said WCU-OC Pushed Him to do ‘Absolute Best’ as Dental Hygienist 

From a biology major to a dental assistant, and now on his way to becoming a licensed dental hygienist, Jonathon attributes much of his success to a decision to “take a leap of faith.”  

“I always knew that I wanted to do something in healthcare,” Jonathon said. “After my biology degree I started doing career discovery and found dental hygiene. So, I decided to take that leap and start at West Coast University.”  

Jonathon first heard about West Coast University from friends who had completed the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.  

“I got an idea of exactly how much support I would be getting as a student,” he shared. “WCU is definitely good at pushing you to do your absolute best, and I think that helps you grow.”  

While attending WCU-Orange County, Jonathon maintained his job as a dental assistant. He found that his experiences as both a student and a professional in the field benefited him overall.  

“We had over 700 hours of clinical experience in the program – it engrains in you the skills and values that you need as a dental hygienist,” he said. “From classroom experience, watching my doctors work, and watching the hygienists work – it just helped me study and maintain that balance.”  

Now a WCU-OC graduate, Jonathon says he feels like “a true clinician.”  

“The amount of time, blood, sweat and tears that goes into this definitely is shown at the very end,” he shared. “Now that I’ve graduated, I’m filing for my license. I see that everything was done with a plan.”  

Jonathon’s advice to incoming students is to take the leap of faith, as well.  

“What holds people back a lot is the thought ‘Will I be good enough?’ But I think taking that leap of faith will lead to success,” he shared.  

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