ACC and WCU Partner to Help Run High School Clinic

American Career College and West Coast University have joined with Dr. Edna Miller, the founder of Health Care Integrated Services, to assist in managing a health clinic at Centennial High School in Compton, CA.

Students from both ACC and WCU will be on campus to provide health care services to the students of Centennial High, with WCU BSN students staffing the clinic five days a week. The school is located in an impoverished area of Los Angeles County and many students don’t have ready access to health care.

In addition to working at the clinic, ACC associates will introduce students to certificate programs they can participate in while enrolled in high school, while working towards a future in health care.

The on-campus clinic/programs will allow WCU associates to interact with the students who are interested in the math and science fields. Most importantly, WCU associates can observe the students who have a passion for nursing, and provide practical advice on nursing as a career choice and how students can make that a reality.

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