Online Nursing Programs & Online Healthcare Programs

West Coast University offers online nursing and healthcare programs designed by working professionals.

In the field of healthcare, it is important to stay current on trends and changing technologies. At West Coast University, we enrich our online nursing courses with mobile friendly video content, audio books, simulations, adaptive quizzing, and on-the-go resources to help you stay connected wherever you may be. Each of our online healthcare degree programs help to prepare you with enhanced knowledge and skills to address the evolving needs of the healthcare system.

Online Healthcare & Online Nursing Programs

We've structured our online healthcare programs to fit the busy lifestyles of working professionals with all coursework done online via our interactive online classroom.

William Gallegos, RN, BSN '16, MHA '17, Cardiac Telemetry, West Coast University Alumnus

“When you think of a leader, everyone automatically thinks of someone who is an administrator or chief nursing officer, but we as nurses are advocating for our patients daily, and that embodies leadership.”*

*The opinion is the individual's sole opinion and not necessarily representative of that of the school, any instructor, or any other student.

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