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Types of OT Careers

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Geriatric Occupational Therapist

  • To help overcome these daily challenges, occupational therapists help patients learn how to perform exercises and rehabilitation techniques that make it easier for patients to complete ADLs. These activities of daily living include walking, dressing, bathing, eating, and toileting.
  • Occupational therapists help seniors improve their basic motor skills, strength, dexterity, range of motion, and mobility. By gradually improving these key skills, patients will find it easier to complete everyday tasks and safely regain their independence they deserve. https://libertyhealthcareandrehab.com/benefits-of-occupational-therapy-for-seniors

Acute Care Occupational Therapist:

  • Begin working with patients early in their recovery process to determine the best treatments. Given their knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and neurology, occupational therapists are important members of the acute care team.
  • Occupational therapists also work on interprofessional teams with physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, nurses, and physicians to determine the best course of action. For example, if the PT recommends that the patient spend several minutes standing twice a day, an OT may suggest that the patient pair this likely challenging weight-bearing activity with an enjoyable activity of daily living such as eating a meal. https://www.usa.edu/blog/occupational-therapy-in-acute-care


Recommended Professional Associations

  • American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
  • Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC)

Recommended Student On Campus Association

  • Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
  • Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)
Blake E., MSOT Graduate ’19

“The MSOT program prepared me to not only step into any area of practice but also into leadership. The things that made the biggest difference in my career were the opportunities to interact with professionals in the field who provided mentorship and guidance along the way.”


-Blake E., MSOT Graduate ’19

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