WCU Sponsors Olympic Elite Rowers Betting to Win the Women’s Pair in 2016

Sara Hendershot and Taylor Ritzel are part of an elite group of women rowers whose sights are set on the 2016 Olympic Games. They’ve distinguished themselves at national and international competitions including the 2012 Olympics. Taylor has a gold medal to show for it; Sara’s rowing crew placed fourth.

West Coast University is proud to sponsor these women who’ve demonstrated their passion and discipline by undertaking the intensive training regimen needed to compete at the Olympic level.

“We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and giving back to the community by helping younger rowers stay healthy throughout their training,” Sara said.

“By using a skill-based approach that maximizes our potential, we are getting stronger and faster every day,” Taylor added.

Similarly, West Coast University is passionate about its students, and has created a disciplined training program with a commitment to produce the best nurses possible.

“Our philosophies are well-aligned,” said David Pyle, executive board chairman of West Coast University. “Like Sara and Taylor, we are focused on creating a healthier community.”

“We are extremely grateful for the support of West Coast University, and confident in our approach as we work towards the Rio Olympic Games in the women’s pair,” Taylor said. Just last month they finished seventh in their class and second out of their U.S. competitors at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston – a good step in the right direction.

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