WCU’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Holds First White Coat Ceremony at Center for Graduate Studies

If West Coast University’s first Doctor of Physical Therapy cohort have learned anything after their first year, it’s that everything goes with white.

On March 3, the 36 physical therapy doctoral students donned their white lab coats for the first time in front of friends and families at the Los Angeles Center for Graduate Studies. The ceremony capped the cohort’s first 18 months of classroom and lab study and signified a shift into the clinical educational experience.

The cohort will have a total of 51 weeks of full-time clinical internships during the academic program at WCU. These will take place in a minimum of three different practice settings to ensure that students are prepared to be a general practitioner at graduation and equipped to work in a range of clinical settings.

“This marks a pivotal moment in our education where we’re going to go out and deal with actual patients and be able to go out and make a difference in the real world,” WCU DPT student Thomas Swift said after the event. “It’s just really exciting.”

West Coast University has clinical agreements nationwide and students will be required to complete at least one 15-week clinic experience outside of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

“What I most like about the school is the faculty diversity and everything they have contributed to our education to help prep us for this next step,” WCU DPT student Hailey Hooper said. “I’ve very excited to start my clinicals — and prepare for my new career.”

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