West Coast University Celebrates National Nurse Practitioner Week

National Nurse Practitioner Week is Nov. 8-14 and West Coast University would like to honor our faculty and associates who are nurse practitioners.

What is a Nurse Practitioner? A nurse practitioner, often called an “NP” for short, is an advanced practice registered nurse who has completed graduate level education and training at either the master’s or doctoral level. They deliver direct care to a variety of populations and incorporate health promotion and disease prevention into care management. NPs practice in different settings, such as urban, suburban & rural settings, in out-patient clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, urgent care, private physician offices, nursing homes, as well as schools, colleges and public health departments.

NPs provide care to individuals in different settings, depending upon their specialty. There are a number of specialties, such as Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP), Adult (ANP), Pediatric (PNP), Neonatal NP, Acute Care (ACNP), Women’s Health Care (WHNP), and Psychiatric/Mental Health NPs.

It’s estimated that NPs are going to be more in demand since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. There are more than 18,000 NPs in California and more than 170,000 practicing NPs nationwide. Each year, over 916 million visits are made to NPs in the United States. With the predicted Primary Care Physician shortage, NPs are crucial to filling the gap in healthcare as they also provide cost-effective, high quality care. (Sources: California Association of Nurse Practitioners; American Association of Nurse Practitioners)

Thank you to all our West Coast University nurse practitioners!

Los Angeles – BSN

  • Brenda Dacosta
  • Elyse Eiser
  • Karima Esmail
  • Mercy Eze
  • Apinya Harland
  • Jasmine Huang
  • Inez Kaplan
  • Khadeer Khan
  • Catherine Marin
  • Arina Orel
  • Gina Rico
  • Barbara Roces
  • Jeanne Schaffer
  • Woodi Wooding

Los Angeles – MSN-FNP

  • LaTonya Botshekan
  • Christine Chandler
  • Katherine Conway
  • Linda Goldman
  • Marcia Harris-Luna
  • John Lazar
  • Dale Perry
  • Julie Poepoe
  • Pippa Stewart
  • Susan Stemmler

Dallas – BSN

  • Jane Nunnelee
  • Bill Palmer

Ontario – BSN

  • Joelene Balatero
  • Laura Espinoza

Orange County – BSN

  • Sharmeline Curameng
  • Nicole Esquer
  • Afsaneh Helali
  • Cher Hagaman
  • Paul Kalfell
  • Jill Kardously
  • Meerabai Narasimalu
  • Cheryl Rojas
  • Nnenna Weathers

Miami – BSN

  • Claudette Spalding

University Administration, Irvine

  • Renee Schweitzer

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