West Coast, ACC Team Up at Occupational Therapy Association Conference

A great collaboration is happening between West Coast University and American Career College. West Coast University’s master’s in occupational therapy (MSOT) program invited American Career College’s occupational therapy assistant (OTA) program to participate in the exhibit booth at the 39th annual Occupational Therapy Association Conference in Sacramento in October.

“The combination of the two brands under the ‘We Stand for Health’ platform looked amazing,” Sandra Villafan, High School Admissions and Outreach supervisor, said. “This is a true representation of the collaboration between the two schools.”

The interactive booth stopped OT clinicians in their tracks, with many wanting to participate in the game for a prize.

“Several people were surprised to see that the two schools were related, and wanted to hear more about the affiliation,” Villafan shared.

West Coast University’s MSOT student volunteer served as a great ambassador for both the ACC OTA and WCU MSOT program, and engaged conference attendees throughout the event.

“Being at OTAC conference as an occupational therapy student affirmed that this is where I am suppose to be,” WCU MSOT student Jennifer Robles shared.

Potential clinical partners stopped by the booth eager to discuss clinical rotations at their site. Aegis Therapies became a clinical partner for the WCU Doctorate of Physical Therapy program after a connection at the 2013 conference. One of the company’s employees’ daughters even enrolled in West Coast University’s MSOT program.after the 2013 conference.

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