WCU’s Anatomage Mini-Lecture Series Lets You Study Anatomy from Any Screen

West Coast University is bringing healthcare learning to your screen with the Anatomage Mini-Lecture Series, now available on YouTube.

Regardless of where you are in your education, understanding the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is incredibly important for anyone planning to work in the clinical field. Led by WCU instructor Briauna Blezinski, these lectures are catered towards students — both inside and outside WCU — who want to review their knowledge or deepen their understanding of anatomy.

The videos showcase real cadaveric tissue using the Anatomage table, giving students a chance to study the human body beyond 2D-images and 3D-renditions. With short, easy-to-understand videos covering different topics, students can easily find the information they need.

Watch the entire series or skip ahead to the topic that interests you the most! 

From heart valves to lungs, the Anatomage Mini-Lecture Series brings you a better understanding of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. You can get more video guides from West Coast University, including the Studio-in-a-Box Series, providing engaging custom content from WCU instructors, and the Nursing Skills Lab, which reviews basic skills for nurses.

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