WCU-Texas Celebrates Graduates at Fall Commencement

Congratulations to all the West Coast University graduates who recently celebrated this momentous occasion.

The WCU-Texas Fall 2022 Commencement was held on October 20 at the Eisemann Center. Graduates from the Texas Campus and Online Programs were welcomed by WCU-Texas Executive Director Amy King and WCU Co-President Ward Ulmer.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Levi Harrison shared an emotional keynote speech message to celebrate and encourage graduates to be humble servants in their communities. The ceremony also featured two WCU Alumni, with Emily Diaz, BSN ’22, performing the national anthem, and Justin D. Buchert-Bayes, BSN ’15, welcoming the newest graduates to the Alumni network.

BSN ’22 Valedictorian and mother of three Karis McCaslin started her nursing journey as a nursing assistant. After discovering her passion for caring for others, McCaslin decided to pursue her nursing degree.

Having two children while enrolled in her program made the journey challenging for McCaslin. However, it helped her gain resilience and strength. Now McCaslin hopes to be an example for her children.

“I can look back and show them I did it. I did it with three kids,” she said. “And I didn’t just do it; I succeeded. I did it well.”

For graduate Sherry Jordan, nursing was something she knew she wanted to be from a young age. Fear of failure held her back from pursuing her goals. After 15 years of an insurance career and 30 years since she received her bachelor’s degree, Jordan decided to face her fears and pursue her nursing education.

“It’s the best profession you can choose,” she said. “Push through, and at the end, you’re going to be saying what I’m saying today that it’s the happiest moment of my life.”

We wish all the WCU graduates great success, and we couldn’t be prouder to welcome you into the WCU alumni family!

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