WCU-Texas BSN Student Looking Forward to Return to Classroom and New Campus Grand Opening

Like a lot of people during the pandemic, West Coast University-Texas nursing student Francheska Medina had to learn the art of balancing life and work.

“This past year with school moving online has personally been an adjustment for me,” Francheska said. “WCU has been so supportive and given us all the resources we need, so that has made things easier.”

Francheska is in her final year and on track to graduate in 2022 from the LVN-to-BSN program while homeschooling her child during the pandemic. Francheska credits her student advisor for helping her get organized from the beginning of her courses, and said she recommends all students connect with their advisor to help stay focused.

“When I first started West Coast, my student advisor gave me a schedule with everything scheduled out: When I would study, shower, help my child with school, sleep and even free time, and it made it so much easier for me to succeed,” she said.

Now in her final year of nursing school, Francheska shared that she is very excited about the campus’ move to Richardson.

“I am so excited that the new campus closer to me, that there are more classrooms, study space outside, and feel it can offer us so much more,” she said.

Recently, Francheska has been honing her bedside skills in the simulation lab on campus since hospitals had to modify clinical shifts during the pandemic.

“You don’t realize how realistic the simulation manikins are — they can talk, bleed, you can do everything on them,” she said. “So, if you don’t have the opportunity to get on-ground due to the pandemic, make the time in the simulation lab because you will get everything you need.”

Francheska now has clinical rotations in her schedule, which she says has made her realize just how much she has been missing nursing and helping people.

“I’m a natural caregiver and I take care of everyone,” she said. “I’m the ‘mom’ in my friends’ group and it’s just my calling to give back to people.”

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