WCU-Texas BSN Grad Used Simulation Lab to Learn Real Lessons

Alexia Nathan always knew she was meant to be in the healthcare field. She just didn’t exactly know what she wanted to do at first.

“I always wanted to help people, and I love meeting and talking with new people, and getting to know their stories,” she said. “I thought about becoming a doctor, but I wanted to become a nurse because it was more patient-centered.”

In the simulation lab at West Coast University-Texas, Nathan discovered she enjoyed the fast pace and investigative nature of critical care scenarios and that she wanted to be an emergency room nurse.

“You’re the first person that that patient sees when they walk in for a problem,” she said, “and I really like going from there and trying to figure out what’s wrong.”

Although part of her school experience was virtual due to the pandemic, Nathan said she received valuable hands-on experience during her last term, working with others and learning how to fix mistakes in the sim lab.

“I liked that I could lean on other students and my teacher in that moment of not really knowing what to do,” she said.

A piece of advice that Alexia shared with current or soon-to-be nursing students was the importance of time management.

“Really learn how to prioritize. Just buckle down for those two and a half years and do what you need to do to get it done,” she said. “And definitely ask a lot of questions — whether that’s your teachers in the clinical setting or even the nurses you’re working with.”

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