WCU-Texas Alumni Spotlight Video: Alexis C., BSN ’20

WCU-Texas Alumna Alexis C.

For many of our students, nursing is their way to make a difference in the world. WCU-Texas alumna Alexis C. was inspired to pursue a career in this field after a nurse made a difference in her life in the days before her grandmother passed away.

“She was at a hospital and her prognosis wasn’t good,” Alexis said of the experience. “But the nurses there kind of sat with us, made sure we ate, made sure we showered, and all of that stuff. I could […] see the passion they had, and I wanted to make other people feel that way.”

Alexis chose West Coast University-Texas and began pursuing her degree, graduating from the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in 2020. But her academic journey wasn’t over then.

She still had to pass her licensure exam before becoming a registered nurse. However, Alexis said that her preparation left her feeling confident for the exam. “The day we graduated, I was like, ‘I’m going to go take my NCLEX tomorrow.’ That’s how prepared I felt,” she said.

Alexis of course passed her exam and reached her dream of becoming an RN. Watch this video to learn more about her story.

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