WCU-Texas Alumni Spotlight: Saba Tavakolianrad

Saba Tavakolianrad didn’t always know she wanted to be a nurse. The West Coast University-Texas graduate’s career first began in law until she later realized her true passion was in the healthcare industry.

“It wasn’t me, so I changed to nursing,” she said. “I care about people, and I love taking care of others emotionally and physically.”

Born and raised in Iran, Saba and her husband immigrated to the United States to pursue their individual careers. While adapting to an unfamiliar environment and learning a new language was challenging, Saba didn’t let it stop her from achieving her goals and eventually finding her love for nursing.

“I was far from my parents and my only sister,” she shared. “It was a hard journey, but I am so glad that I’m here and can serve as a nurse today.”

Upon making the decision to transition from a career in law to nursing, Saba turned to the advice of her best friend who told her about WCU.

“One of my best friends was a nurse and a graduate of West Coast University, she loved what she was doing so she encouraged me,” she said.

Now, Saba’s goal is to eventually become a nurse practitioner. Her advice to incoming WCU-Texas students is to “please not give up.”

“I love my major,” she shared. “If I had to choose again, I choose nursing.”  

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