WCU OTD Student Spotlight: Vicki Sagoo

For Vicki Sagoo, occupational therapy is one of the most meaningful things she has ever done. 

“I really can’t wait to teach more people about OT,” she said. “We touch so many different walks of life and at any age.”

What resources have been helpful?

The professors care so much about us and the program itself. I feel like I’m so ready to go out there and actually work with people so I loved it. Some other resources include our library, its full of any journal or academic thing you could ask for and we have a pretty solid team even beyond our professors – I can email anyone at our school and get help. Even the physical therapy department has been a huge resource to us even though they’re a totally different department.

What is the difference between OT and PT?

Physical therapy often does more work like gross motor injuries so like large body injuries whereas occupational therapy focuses on like small, more fine motor injuries. It’s all the things you don’t think about doing in your day-to-day basis — those fine motor, almost ingrained things in us are what an occupational therapist can break down and reteach you to do.

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